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Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether a situation requires immediate emergency care for your pet. As a pet owner, a change in your pet’s behavior or signs of distress is going to cause you some concern, but keeping calm is imperative. By closely monitoring your pets’ condition as well as trusting your own judgment and instincts, you should be able to discern whether a situation is serious enough to warrant emergency care. Of course, your local vet in Killeen TX, at Animal Emergency Center of Killeen is also there to provide you with advice and guidance. Thus, you and your pet have plenty of options to help keep your them healthy and safe. 


What Are The Most Common Signs That Your Pet May Need Emergency Care?

If you are unsure whether your pet needs emergency care, here are some of the most common signs and situations that require immediate attention and treatment.


  • Signs of blood – either bleeding from an open wound or signs of blood in your pet’s urine, feces, or vomit

  • Suspected poisoning – this could prove fatal for your pet and requires immediate care

  • Repeated vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours or more – fluid loss and a potential sign of poisoning mean your pet requires emergency care

  • Harm from bites or fighting – if there are any signs of damage to your pet’s head, eyes, or mouth, or excessive blood loss, seek emergency treatment for them

  • Difficulty urinating – can be a sign of a urinary infection or blockage

  • Difficulty breathing – signs that your pet is having difficulty breathing include shallow or rapid breathing or using their tummy muscles to breathe

  • Continuous retching – if your pet tries to vomit but is not bringing anything up, this could be a sign of gastric torsion (twisted stomach)

  • Trauma – caused by blunt force, particularly if a road accident has occurred, you should take your pet to be checked for any internal bleeding even if they seem perfectly fine

  • Confusion, disorientation, or non-responsive – may indicate dehydration, high blood pressure, or a stroke

  • Difficulty birthing – could prove harmful or potentially fatal if not assisted


What Situations May Warrant Immediate Emergency Care? 

Inherently, some injuries and illnesses are going to be more serious than others and will require immediate care. The following are a few examples of situations that will require you to immediately contact your Animal Emergency Center of Killeen to seek out same-day care for your pet:


  • Unusually quiet or withdrawn (particularly if accompanied by a fever) 

  • Refusal to eat for 24 hours or more (your pet may also be lethargic)

  • Excessive vomiting 

  • Constipation or diarrhea 


When Should You Book A Regular Check-Up For Your Pet? 

Although your pets’ condition may not require immediate assistance, it is likely that they will still need to be checked and possibly treated. Sometimes waiting for a booked appointment can be more beneficial for you and your pet and these are a few of the occasions this would be the case:


  • A change in your pets’ behavior (such as becoming more aggressive, more hyperactive, etc.)

  • New lumps, spots, rashes, or signs of inflammation

  • Scratching or itching 

  • A change in your pets’ habits (for example being awake at night)

  • An increase or decrease in thirst (it can be useful to bring a urine sample with you)  



What Should You Do If You Are Unsure Whether Your Pet Requires Emergency Care?

There are, of course, situations in which a pet is sick but recovers in a couple of days. In these cases, it is important to monitor the severity and duration of your pet's symptoms. If at any point you are unsure on whether you should seek emergency care for your pet, get in contact with your local vet at Animal Emergency Center of Killeen for advice and ensure you fully explain the condition your pet is in. The more details you provide, the more effectively we will be able to assist you. Take caution trying to help your pet as there is a chance that they may lash out due to pain, stress, or panic – be as calm and careful with them as possible. 



If you have concerns about your pet’s health or are experiencing a pet emergency, call Animal Emergency Center of Killeen in Killeen, Texas at (254) 628-5017 today.

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